The Countdown on RTN - RHE Tv Network

Every Friday at 8pm Available on Roku, Amazon Fire Tv/Stick, Android Tv and Apple Tv

Check out the new T.V show "The Countdown" with hosts Jay Solstice and Telli Stonemen where they countdown the top 10 videos of the week, talk about todays topics and interview the "Whose on the Way Up" Guest. Live performances on the show as well.

Indie Artists if you want to be eligible to get you video on "The Countdown" you must submit you video to be played on the network. SubmitNow is how you get your video on the RTN and once their you are automatically eligible for "The Countdown", Just have you fans and friends vote for your video.

We now have opened our "Whose on the way up" segment of our show to other musical talents like djs or guitar players, etc.. or business related to entertainment or music.. like perform companies, fashion designers and more.. if you want more brand awareness this segment is for you... Here's how to Apply

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